Monday, September 6, 2010

Marie Claire Idees

I have binders...binders full of wonderful, informative, imaginative, inspirational "stuff"...My binders are years-and-years of cutting out things from the mountains of magazines...I had subscriptions, and I had Borders or Barnes and Noble.....I am a visual junky (junkie???)....My cat, Gussie, recently went blind, and I cry myself to sleep at night, for being blinded is my greatest fear...I live for seeing the beauty in the world, and I cringe at seeing the pain..but I binders..that's what this is about...I have bookcases full of them...several of recipes from Bon Appitit, several that are about art and techniques for faux finishes, one on window treatments, one on bedrooms, one on kitchens, one on dining goes on-and-on...I have one that has these photos from old issues of "Marie Claire Idees"....I love these...for I love bits and scraps of beautiful fabric, whether left over from design projects, or just picked up here and there...Rather than save the mountains of magazines, I have distilled what catches my eye, inspires me, or is just pretty.....these are ideas (idees) that are wonderful..

So, take your bits and pieces of velvet, lace, ribbon, beads, bobbles, and bobs, and make something of it....

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