Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Am Home Again....

This is Cam and Jim, and their rescued Pom, Maggie...they were the perfect hostess and host to me for a whole week, while I was in Madison, WI....We have been such good friends for years, but to have me feel so welcome for that week was such a treat!
Cam and I took long walks, talked, cooked, laughed, shopped, (and shopped), and sometimes, we were just quiet... This is my favorite photograph of Cam in her garden..being the "Italian Earth Mother/Goddess" (for she is truly beautiful outside and in), but, for some reason, I cannot get it any larger than this...try clicking on it..
Yesterday, I tried to put all the photos of both their wonderful farmhouse and their gardens, which are just coming into bloom, with a riot of tulips, lilac, and all the wonderful harbingers of Spring flowers...I don't know why, but lost it today, I am going to just show their farmhouse...tomorrow perhaps, the gardens..

This is Jim at the head of the table, my husband, Bob is on the right, and our friend, Brent, is under the light...This was taken during one of their fabulous dinner parties...We all would take turns entertaining...getting all dressed up, and having great food, spirits, and lots of laughs...I do miss that so....
This is their farmhouse, which is now in an established neighborhood, but believed to be the original farmhouse for quite alot of, they have an acre of beautiful gardens, and sit up on a hill, overlooking the street. Jim built this wonderful porch on last summer, and it so fits the personality of the house (and Jim's love of bright colors)...Cam is wonderful with color, as well, as she is a very talented artist, but left the porch to Jim....I felt a mixture of Tuscan Farmhouse, and Victorian...somehow, they pull this off with great ease.

These chairs welcome you to sit down and have a refreshing drink, or a piece of fruit....again, I love the colors...Keep in mind that in Wisconsin, many of the months are dark and, a shot of color keeps up one's spirits.

The inside of their home is also a riot of color...but it works wonderfully..mixing kilims, bright florals for the window treatments, pillows, throws, tapestries, fabulous artwork (many paintings by Cam, and metal sculptures by Jim), crystals, collections of pottery, antiques, plants...and especially, the thing I covet most...Cam's armoire, which breaks down into seven pieces...It houses the television, stereo, and extensive music collection...

This is their dining room/library...I forgot to mention their collection of books...books the dining room/library, in Jim's study, in Cam's studio (she is also an accomplished calligrapher, in the guestroom I occupied (I wish I had photographed it - but once I plunked down all my bags and "stuff", it was too cluttered-It has William Morris wallcovering, and Jim matted and framed Latrec wall is mirror, an antique bed with beautiful linens, and the view from the window - I will reveal tomorrow).
Back to the dining room/'s off the hallway and stairs, which also have another William Morris wallcovering...Jim is amazingly talented in building, painting, wallcovering (Cam has her own set of, writing, gardening, too many to list)
It was so wonderful to see fresh tulips and spring flowers all through the house....We ate great meals at this table everynight...

The other side of the dining room is all antiques, crstal, paintings, plants, and fabulous red,patterned window treatments....

Back in the living room...more of Cam's work, along with work of friends....Everywhere one looks, there is color..there is art, and always something of interest..all juxtaposed with such flair.

Jim built this ottoman, and they had it upholstered by a fellow I used to use in my design also houses all their Christmas ornaments...We enjoyed last Sunday morning, feet up, watching CBS Sunday Morning, having coffee, and reading the paper..they know how to relax.

It was all I could do not to grab dear, sweet Maggie, and run away with her...but, they wouldn't let me (nor would she)...Poor baby was in a puppie mill for years, in a box, and toothless...Cam and Jim rescued her, and with tenderness, love, and great care, turned her into the happy-go-lucky "Tiny Dancer" that she is today, eight years later....
Thanks so much to you -


  1. What a great house...and great friends. I know you really enjoyed your time there. I look forward to seeing the gardens....and what a sweet dog. I'm glad it has a wonderful life now.

  2. Putting the garden up today...first, a walk, before the heat sets in....
    Yes, Maggie is a wonderful sweet...
    I tried to leave a comment on your blog, with no success..???

  3. What a wonderful tour! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!

    I am so happy to meet another Texas girl! We live in Dallas but spend alot of time in Fredericksburg!

    I just found your site and look forward to many more visits here!


  4. Cathy,
    welcome, and I look forward to catching up on your site, as it seems wonderful.
    My friends are just that...wonderful, life-time friends...they opened their home and their hearts to me...I will always love them dearly.
    Still trying to post their gardens, as they are dedicated, wonderful gardners..who don't have to deal with some of the Texas challenges..that said, Jim's pretty good with a rock, hurled at a bunny, who ate thier tulips.