Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evolving Spaces

Rooms, homes, and people should evolve, don't you agree? I have always encouraged my clients to never consider a room "finished", even if,at the time, they love it. There is something too "static" about a room that is installed, and then, never changes. I'm not saying one needs to repaint every two years, or change the room out entirely; but rather, add, edit, embellish, or rearrange the space. Perhaps treating it differently seasonally, which is what I've been doing with this corner of my living room. Our living room doesn't have the lighting I wish it had. My builder did a wonderful job on this house (it was a spec, but with custom upgrades). It was already too far gone when I discovered it to make the changes in lighting that I would have liked; as in floor outlets, more outlets, no pot lights, but rather, halogen, and a front door with some glass in it to let in more light. But, with time, I am making changes - I will not change my front door, as it is beautiful wood, and I know I would regret it afterwood. I lived in the house for an entire season without making any major changes. It's important to watch the lighting in the space over the seasons...For example, these two windows face our back porch, which is recessed, and there are Live Oaks shading the porch. This is Texas, darlin, and after a summer in this house, I was grateful for the shade from the relentless (we get 300 days of blistering sunshine a year) sun and heat. I was also grateful for the stained concrete floors, that feel so cool on bare feet (except I wear slippers, as there are also scorpions).
As you know from a previous post, I finally made window treatments. These windows flank our fireplace, and on the other side are French doors. I wanted to be able to drawn the curtains, light a fire, and feel cozy. Yes, we actually do have some cold, rainy days, and once, it SNOWED!
That got alot of Texan's really excited (being from Wisconsin, me, not so much).
I found the lamp at Hobby Lobby, added the elephant finial, bought a little chest (only piece of furniture I've bought since buying the house three years ago), and I had found these fabulous, Chinese silk pillows, still in the packaging at Goodwill, for $3.00 each - I added the fiberfill.
The fern needed to winter over, so I placed it on a plant stand (okay, I lied, I bought the plant stand at Hobby Lobb y -$60.00), and viola', my winter corner was established.

There's a wonderful, small town not far from me called is small, but chock-full of historical buildings, housing shops, antique stores, and galleries. I love it. I found these silk sunflowers (I know, I once said no silk flowers, but these actually move in the breeze..not stiff and tortured like so many...I have changed my stance...if you can't tell if they are real or not, why not?). I put them in this blue-glass vase, but didn't like seeing the stems.

When I was in Madison, my friend, Cam, and I went shopping (alot)..we had such fun. There is, or rather, was, a wonderful shop owned by a friend, who had shared a space with me when I had my gallery. He was moving on to NYC, and had a wonderful clearance sale going on. I bought these striped candles (they are usually quite expensive). In fact, Cam commented that she just knew I would buy these candles. At the time, I wasn't sure where I would use them, but when I returned home, I realized they were perfect with the color-blocked window treatments, and the pillow. By the way, even if you have candles that you would rather not burn, please, light them once, and then, blow them out.....they look so much better than the pristine, white wick..just a Designer's Tip.
I won't go on-and-on with each angle...just wanted to show how wonderful (at least, I love them) they are...and how changing the vase to something more organic highlights the flowers better.

The small, enamel box on the table is hand-painted from Russia. One of Aunt Lily's acquisitions on her many travels...I cherish it.

I put three mirrors in the living room, (you can see the corner of one)..two of which are hammered tin and tile from Mexico...they do help reflect the views and lighten the room. I also love seeing the table through the window, where the plants are thriving (out of reach of the deer).So, this is my "Summer Look" may continue to be my "Winter Look" , as well, until Christmas, when the tree takes it's place....
I started to glaze the foyer two years ago, but hurt my wrist..had to wear a brace for six weeks...well, it's happened again - it's called, DeQuervian's Syndrome, or "Washer Woman's Syndrome"...tendon injury...I call it "Fall Down in Fort Worth on Your Anniversary While Wearing Stilleto Heels on Cobblestones Syndrome"......back in the brace again..just in time for hot weather.
They say "When life hands you lemons, make lemonaide"...I say "When life hands you lemons, put them in a lovely dish and enjoy them on a table


  1. Love your pretty little corner. It looks great both for the winter and the summer. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thanks, Marty,
    I am enjoying the privilege of being "semi-retired", which means I have time to do things that I've put off over the years...really enjoying having "grace notes" in my life.

  3. Such a nice place to sit and look out the window...and drink lemonade. You have a lovely house. I know you are enjoying it.

    Don't you love Hobby Lobby? I find the best picture frames there. I can't leave without buying something.

  4. Angie, My Dear,
    It is....this morning, there were four deer, three of which are ready to have lovely...
    I do love my house,,,and I love Hobby Lobby...I love going in there with my 40% off coupon...
    I bought a wood burning idea why..ha!