Friday, April 2, 2010

The Season of Miracles

Easter is, of course, about the resurrection of Christ, a celebration of miracles. That said, I also associate it with new birth, and rebirth....a dying-down, and a rising-up...reaching the depths of dispair, and finding that one can rise above dispair. The harbinger of Spring and new life ahead.My dear Marty, of "A Stroll Though Life", is having a cloche party...I tried to leave a comment, but, of course, it didn't take...Not sure how to join the party, but Marty (hey, we're rhyming here!), this one's for you. I gathered all my bunnies, and had my own "Easter Bunnies on Parade".

I painted this painting years ago, and didn't finish it...finally, it is finished...It represents my garden in Wisconsin...It's planting time here in Texas, and the plants in the foreground are: dill, tomatoes, and basil. The deer won't eat the basil, I know, but I have to figure out how to protect the tomatoes..probably tpees. Anyway, it's raining today, so I won't be planting...

Here is our miracle girl, Gussie, who loves to sun herself in the master bathroom. We have a glass-block window, and both our orchid and Gussie love it there. Having lost her sight and regained it is truly a miracle (thanks to God and modern medicine). I am going to be driving to Wisconsin in a few weeks (all by see my dentist..the one's here scare me)..anyway, I am the one who administers her meds..and it is a battle. The next miracle is that my husband can do it instead. She's fourteen, and it's just this year that she allows him to even pet her...we are going to have to get very creative about this. My husband used to be a scientist, and worked with lab animals all the time (he left the labs because he couldn't stand having to experiment and "sacrifice" so many animals), he can do the administering just fine - it's catching her that will be the miracle. Without a dosage every day, she would go blind again. So, we will start practicing soon.

So, to all of you, please never stop believing in miracles, they have and do happen...sometimes, we forget that - Happy Easter!!


  1. Love your bunnies on parade. And I hope that your hubby will be able to treat your kitty while you are away. And good luck at the dentist. I hate them!!!

  2. Oh I don't know why your comment didn't work, I am so sorry. I love your bunnies. They are just wonderful. The two tall ones are exquisite and the tiny one in the cloche and the little one pulling the cart are just fabulous. Love the little stuffed one too. Such a beautiful display. I also love your header picture of the precious newborn every time I click on your blog. Kitty is wonderful and what a great place to sun and relax. Thank you so much for joining the party. You are the best. God Bless and Happy Easter. Hugs, Marty

  3. Such sweet bunnies.
    Yes I agree your kitty got a miracle and I hope your husband will be able to contiue her treatment. Best of luck with your dentist appointment. I'll keep a good thought for you thats its an easy time there...

    Happy Easter

  4. Thankyou, darlin...I love your mantle...why didn't I think of an Easter Mantle...
    I am running out to put the "Lily of the Nile" into the garden (my mother-in-law calls it "Lily in Denial"..
    Happy Easter

  5. Marty,
    computers hate me..that's why...
    The baby "Olivia" is one of my favorites..
    I am writing a children's book about the two, antique bunnies, and the little one was my husband's "Petie", as in Peter Rabbit.
    Happy Easter, to you, as well.

  6. Sonny,
    Thanks so much...I went to your blog, and I love what you've done, as well.
    Rushing out to garden before the rain comes.
    Happy Happy Easter.

  7. Yes!!! Miracles still happening in 2010!!!

  8. Jessicasinteriorsetc.blogspot.comApril 2, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Jenna, my dear,
    And it's only April!! Just think of the possiblities!
    Happy Easter.