Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bluebonnet Morning

I was awakened around 4:30 the other morning by our smoke detector going off...sometimes, an insect will crawl across it and set it off. Once I was sure the house wasn't on fire, I couldn't go back to, around 6:00, I grabbed my camera, my Wellies, and I took off to photograph the bluebonnets at daybreak.
As day did break, I realized it was very overcast, in fact, raining a bit, and since photography is all about the light, I wasn't going to get that wonderful light, known as "sweetlight" to professionals, that occurs just after sun up, and just before sunset...but, I also know that when it is overcast, one can get some good shots, as the sun doesn't wash out the, I forged on.

Just as I spotted a nice, country road, I turned, and looked behind me...there were (I counted them) 10 police cars behind me..all with their lights off..."Holy Smokes" I thought, "What could I possibly have done to merit this?" So, I pulled over, and watched as they rolled on by me - thank goodness. I saw the sign that said, "No Outlet", but I needed a place to turn around, which was at the end of the road...A chain-link fence and a big sign that said, "No Trespassing"..I did manage to turn around, but all I could think was there was an early morning raid of some sort going on, and someone was in a boatload of trouble..Just glad it wasn't me.

There has been alot of rain this Spring, and the bluebonnets are everywhere (except where I was), I did get one good shot of a yellow field (below), and went home to take a nap..When I awakened, I saw the light was better and decided to take a different route. I probably should have just taken my camera on my 2 mile, neighborhood walk, and there are plenty about, but I wanted fields..not patches in someone's, I hit the road again. There are so many different varieties of wildflowers in Texas...some violets, indian paintbrush, and many that I can't remember the names...but, today was bluebonnet day (which are a variety of lupine)....

The trees in Texas are wonderful...gnarled, rugged...

The scent of the violets, mixed with the bluebonnets (which had no discernable scent), was heavenly...

I loved the star on the fence (Texans love their stars), and the curious cow...I could tell she didn't get alot of company, so we chatted for awhile, and I mooved on (couldn't help myself here)...

This golden field was the first shot of the day..just as the light got brighter...I don't know what they were, but I sneezed the rest of the day.
And so, thanks to our beloved Ladybird Johnson, Texas is abloomin...thankyou, Ladybird...
Oh, Patty, in case you read this, nobody else even commented on the pitcher, so it is yours...I think it's lovely..their email address is : send me you address, and I will send it to you...


  1. Jessica, I adore the bluebonnets of Texas, and all the other flowers too. Your live Oaks are so intriguing- full of character. I'm so glad you got these wonderful shots... and that your house was not on fire.

  2. Yvonne,
    Thanks, I was also glad the 10 squad cars were not after me!
    We have several live Oaks right by our back porch..they lose their leaves in the spring...boy, do they ever...They are such amazing trees..."Old Ironsides" is made of live Oak, it is so hard.
    Be well...

  3. Jess - Oh, what fun we had during your visit. Your wonderful photographic eye caught the house, Maggie, and us at our best. Every day I am grateful for our friendship. October looms large on the calendar!
    Jim loves the photos!