Monday, March 1, 2010

The Ides of March.....Actually, February Ides...

are upon us....March comes in like a lamb...etc.
With all the Gussie drama, I didn't have a chance to post photos of our SNOW, yes, snow in the Hill Country...Texas, that is, land of cacti, big pickup trucks, rocks, heat, and no snow....That said, last week, we got whomped on...three inches of the white stuff. Since we moved here from Wisconsin four years ago to get away from the snow, we weren't nearly as impressed as those young children, shrieking, throwing snowballs, building snowmen...We laughed as a reporter was showing off her snowperson, and the eyeball fell out on camera...I mean, this was heady stuff. So, I grabbed my camera and tromped down the road. But before doing that, I looked out back, and there were some very confused deer, who come here regularly to be fed. They were confused. The snow was too deep just to dump the corn, so I got some "Totes" lids from the garage, and put the corn out on that...They were afraid of the scent of plastic (who isn't), and ran away. I went out, scraped the snow away with the Tote lids, and left it you can see, they sucumbed.

Since my computer is hobbling along, and things are just getting worse, I cannot put the images in order (so when is she actually going to get this all fixed, you ask, soon, come soon = now, the latest crisis is health insurance-I suddenly have none, due to a very strange reason...can't share that right now)...anyway, the next day the sun is shining, and that's when the deer came back - they are here every day...out back, looking wistful...Best go feed them.


  1. Enjoyed your snow pix...strange mix of snow and cactus. My daughter moved to southern OK and was hoping to enjoy milder winters...not so this year. Everyone at the ranch there is blaming her for the sudden change in their weather.

  2. Okay, I'll blame her, as well! Just kidding...
    We are so far south of Southern OK, and this was a "freak" storm. I wish I had taken the time to go around and photography all the melting (poor babies) snowpeople...very sad!

  3. Beautiful snow pictures Jess! I love to see the deer. I got your message about Gussie. I'm going now to find that post.