Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Feel as if I am .....

rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic....So much has happened since the holidays - got sick, January disappeared, death in the family, memorial service, blind cat (no longer blind), insurance company blues...that today, I decided ENOUGH! It's time to get back-on-track...which means; finish putting the Christmas decor away (isn't it time?), clean my office - which is chaos-upon-chaos, clean my house, figure out how to use the new MP3IPod I won, along with the new Canon Digital Camera, and just keep putting my life back in order. So, you may not hear from me for a few days.
I have gifts to pack and send to friends and family - we don't do Christmas gifts, but when I see a need, or make something, or find a bargain that I know one of my soulmates would like (at Macy's), I send them may take awhile, but they eventually get there.
Don't get me wrong; when it comes to designing and decorating a client's home, I am the most organized person in the world...I have to be...I keep a notebook, with everything in it pertaining to that client..everything..that way, it doesn't end up where it will never be found, or cross-referenced with another client's stuff...I do believe interior designers have to be's a prerequisite...
So, if I disappear for a few days, it's because I am determined to get back-on-track.

The sun is shining, and I may take an hour for a walk...

Be blessed today and all days.

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