Friday, March 26, 2010

Editing is Everything

Today has been one of many stressful days of late...troubles with my health, and troubles with our Gussie Cat's health..Good news..she had dental surgery today, and has come through it just fine....(I know, this is a design blog - or it started out that way, but has become more of a blog about a designer).. Poor Raisenette Funicello Buttafuco is crying right now (he's Gussie's Bubba - that's brother in Southern Speak)..and he wants to go outside and roll around in the grass (fire ants), and or roam our woods...He is declawed (never do that again), so he is bound to the porch and his place under the live oak just beyond the porch. I have to make sure he isn't harmed...I just chased him indoors, explaining to him that I just saw some very large crows, chasing a black cat through the woods, and thought it might have been him..He was hiding behind a tree, but I saw his tail.
For those of you who haven't read before, Miss Gussie went completely blind early in the month, but with meds and a great vet, her retinas reattached, and she can see again. Now, her mouth will be fixed, and hopefully, she can live out the rest of her years pain-free and seeing. She is getting pretty tired of me coming up to her, and waving my hand around in front of her face...just to make sure she can still see.
About Editing....I am taking a short break from editing the living room...I realized that things were "stacking up"....magazines, books, cd's, family photos...all things that enrich my life, but have a way of suddenly becoming clutter...The same with my bedroom, kitchen, and my office is just still out-of-control...
Today, I took the magazines (either design, gardening, birding, cooking, or art), and cut out the articles and photographs that I wanted to save. I put them in binders in sleeves according to catagory. I must have a dozen of these by now, but I can put them in my bookcases in my studio (which have curtains on them), and access what I want when I want.
I have so many precious photographs of my family, friends, pets, and travels, that are beautifully framed, but I find that if I put them all out at once, every horizontal surface in our house would be covered. I put some away, and rotate them about every six months. There are some that are permanently on display, but again, there can just be too much.

I am also editing my thoughts...I find myself lying in bed at night, thought zinging about...about my health, my cats, my family, the recession, the sadness and anger in this world, (not necessarily in that order), and I have to tell myself, that there are things about which I can do something, and others I just have to let go.

I have posted the photograph of our lovely orchid, which is blooming lives in our master bath, as it gets great light there...indirect, but just enough...It also likes the humidity our showers provide. I love the orchid, for it represents beauty and simplicity....Which is how I need to live my life....


  1. So happy to read that Gussie continues to improve, and I think you are feeling better, too. About your blog's content: I just supposed that the title had a double meaning--that the "Interior's" referred to your design work AND your thoughts (or "interior of your mind'). Hope you will continue to share both. Your orchid & bath are so pretty & inviting. I admire your self discipline & energy to clip & organize your design ideas from magazines, as well as pare down your other things on display. How do you safely store your framed photos when not on display? I am feeling quite overwhelmed by the flotsam and jetsam of many years of living. I long for the order of tidiness, yet cannot part with or seem to organize much. Not exactly hoarding yet, but having lived in the same house for 30 years ....well, oh dear.
    My all our retinas stay attached, our mouths be pain free,& may we be able to live many years without claws being necessary.

  2. My Dear Friend,
    Great idea about my "Interior" of my mind...where chaos is worse than my office (if that is possible).
    I store the photos in an antique suitcase, it is in my closet. I love all the photos, but there are at least 70something last time I counted.
    If you saw my office right now, you'd have me arrested for fakery...but, I am picking away at it..
    Be well.