Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving on....

Since Aunt Lily's death, there have been countless back-and-forth telephone calls from Texas to Tennessee (my mother-in-law is the Trustee of the Estate), and many emails to Europe (many family members in Austria, who want to come to the memorial service). We are having the service in the first week of February in order to allow for time for the clan to gather from all over the Country and Austria...So, I am moving forward in my life. I appreciate all the condolences from my blogger friends.

Speaking of blogger friends, I have a problem, and even my Geek (maybe I need a better computer Geek) can't tell me what's wrong. So, here's what happens. When I upload a photo, hit done, and save now, instead of the photo appearing, it is encoded. Then, when I hit Preview or Publish the post, the photos appear..which is a good thing, but it is driving me nuts. I went to the tutorials and help sites, but cannot find an answer. Anyone out there know why this is happening (I mean, Mercury is out of retrograde for us Geminis, so can't we move forward.?

I did finally make a wall hanging out of one of my floorcloths. It is a reproduction of an original Choctaw Ceremonial wedding dress. I just couldn't bear to walk on it, even though that's what floorcloths area for. It hangs in my foyer, which is too small to put even a small, demi-lune table, so it fills the wall nicely. It is mounted to a wallking stick my late brother-in-law made for us. I feel Steve will be pleased with this, from where ever he may be. The feathers were from Hobby Lobby (who knew?), and the leather bindings were leather samples from a high end furniture company (I have a stash of them.)

Today is put away the Christmas decorations in the garage. It has been too cold to work out there, but it will be quite warm here today, so I have much to do...It is time to move from the darkness and cold into the warmth and the light...Putting the house back together...

I am making a nest (yes, a real nest) for a five-week-old baby girl, Olivia. I am going to put her in it and photograph her tomorrow...can't wait..I was a professional photographer for many years, and have my greeting card line, "Here a Chick", so I am adding Olivia to it. Hope it goes well..

I've been up since five am, and it's amazing what one can accomplish in three hours...fed the deer, fed the birds, swept the porch ("Blossem" the opossem leaves the stems from the grapes I put out for her everynight), did the dishes, cleaned two litter boxes (Raisen refuses to use them unless they are changed daily, bleached, washed, dried, and fresh litter..who can blame him?)., and now, am making the nest.

It's good to be back.


  1. So glad you are back...I love reading your blog. I too, love the floorcloth wall hanging. What a nice piece! It is a good choice for hanging up and I like how you hung it from a walking stick. It's the perfect touch.

  2. Thanks Darlin',
    It's good to be back...Blogging is an outlet for me.
    The walking stick has great meaning for us, and I know Steve is smiling somewhere..(or hope so)
    How's your place coming along? I will drop in today...I enjoy your blog, as well.
    By the way, your neon cowboy floorcloth is one of my favorites.