Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Olivia

I am having such difficulties with the mechanics of this blog, that I am tempted to shut it down and start over, but am also sure it would still be a problem...cannot see photos, cannot use colors, etc..But, I so wanted to post these photos of Baby Olivia that I took last week. She was a perfect baby; the sun was shining, and their home was dark, so we stripped her down (it was 78 degrees), and took her outside. Never a peep out of her...she just went with the flow...what a sweet child.

When photographing infants, or children for that matter, you have to work fast, for once they melt down, it's pretty much over..unless you want a photo of a screaming child. Babies have that natural grasping thing, so she just hung on to that rose for dear life. I'd like to say she smelled her first rose, but the scent has been taken away by years of hybridization..which is why I love old roses.....

She did seem a bit startled by having this rose in her hand, and probably was just reacting to a new stimuli, but to me, she seemed a bit in awe of it..

I took some wonderful photos of the three of them (mommy, daddy, and Olivia) together, but won't post those...it's there private moments I am protecting...
That said, these three photos are copyrighted (written)? and will become part of my "Here a Chick" greeting card line....

I am off to the health club to walk five miles...I did my first "Zumba" class yesterday...Latin Dancing and Belly Dancing...terrible at both, but had fun!
Life is good....


  1. Oh my goodness!! What a little lovie!! She is naked as a jay bird!!! and cute as a button!!!
    The innocence of a baby is so special.
    If I had her around, I would never get anything done! I'm betting you don't either!

  2. Precious. I love that nest! It will be a successful card line for sure.

  3. Thanks, Ladies,
    I have been working on the line for years, and have far to go before I sleep.
    I always love working with tiny ones...they are so good and charming...she was like a little lamb.
    The nest was a challenge, but now, it will become a wreath.

  4. Hi Jess,
    I love the picture where she's smelling the rose. What adorable pictures! Sweet, pretty baby girl. Looks like you got some good material for your cards.
    big hugs, Kelly

  5. Hey Honey,
    Thanks, I need to get myself out of this funk, and get moving...cards, house, design, etc.
    I have tried leaving comments on your blog, and they are not getting accepted????