Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Dawn, Another Vignette

Awake at 5:30 this morning...dawn-thirty-getting my husband off to a breakfast meeting...I peeked out my kitchen window, looking to see if "Blossem", our resident opossum had eaten the grapes I put out for her every night (she had). The birds were happily eating their birdseed. I tried lovely bird feeders, but between the squirrels ("Fat Fat"), the racoons (what else but "Rocky") and "Blossem", I've given up. Now, there is a cast-iron griddle, and they've managed to knock a chunk out of that...
I can't remember if I posted this closeup (probably did) of the wreath I made, using my friend, Juannell's, generous gift of pine cones. But then, I can't remember an hour ago these days.

My mother-in-law is coming to visit in a few weeks, and I always like to have a little something new in her guest bedroom, so I dug out a white tablecloth topper, and set up a little vignette for her. Last time she was here, I didn't have anything to put there except a small, round metal table. I think she'll be pleased. Yes, that's one of the Belsnickles (I looked it up in the dictionary, it's not in there). Then, I "Googled" it, and my computer went insane, and I had to run a virus scan, so this is today's spelling, and I'm sticking to it.

Yes, Virginia, I know there's only one Santa, but I love these Santa's, riding bears, chasing a fish on a stick. If you double click on the image, you can see the details. I put them out every year; I even save the cornstarch or powdered sugar, and reuse it. When it comes to these things, I'm frugal, other things, not so much.

My bottle-brush trees are a bit dented here-and-there, but I love them. There used to be a little girl with the boy, but she went, he has a reindeer... I usually have my large angel here, but she's guarding the Christmas tree, and hiding the outlet, which is what this vignette is doing, as well. (I hate outlets, but they are a necessary evil).
I went out to my woods, and found a wonderful, live oak branch with the best lichen in the world on it. I then stole a rock from my husband's fire pit, as it had the perfect hole in it in which to stick the branch (our rocks are very interesting, and we have tons of them, in fact, everytime it rains, we get a new crop). I hot glued some crystal bead trim (I have tons) to the branches, and stuck some (got them at the Goodwill) Christmas ornaments on the tree. Put the tree on a mirror, sprinkled it with good-ol' cornstarch, put the Belsnickels on it, and now, they are gracing my kitchen. I put a mirror behind it to photograph them as sadly, the control panel to all the lighting in the kitchen is behind them (I hate control put them in the worst spots sometimes), so I had to remove the mirror from behind them after I shot the pictures. I guess the obsessive-compulsive part of me will just have to live with it.

It was still dark outside when I shot this, and I hate using a flash, so I brought in a lamp to kick up the lighting....actually, it created some pretty interesting shadows, nes pas?
I love these deer. I bought them at Gallery Z last year on clearance. They were the topper for my tree last year, but decided to do birds this year, so they are gracing my mantle. The candles are wonderful. I get them at the local supermarket for (drumroll) $1.48 - they used to be $1.08, but they raised the price. There's a large Hispanic population here, and there is a huge selection of these tall, novina votives...some have Mary on them, some are quite colorful, but I prefer just plain white. I must have about thirty of them now. I used to burn them all at the same time, but we had to open the windows, as they were sucking all the oxygen out of the room. My guests were feeling faint!

It's turned quite cold these last few days; in fact, we are going to have our first freeze tonight, and I had a fire in the fireplace last night...which I had photographed was all so cozy.

Finally, daybreak....You can see that wae have stained concrete floors, which I love in the Summer, but are very cold in the winter...thank goodness for area rugs (and floorcloths).

This is my silly, little tinsel tree, with it's colored lights...I put it in the foyer this year...

For a few, glorious moments we had a bit of, it's gone, and I'm tired...I think I need a nap, but I have shoe sachets to mail, as I didn't leave the house yesterday, and I want to go to my wonderful, little town of Salado, where I saw a Nativity Scene that was very pretty (and inexpensive - hope it's still there)...I am determined to get Baby Jesus in the house somewhere...this is all supposed to be about him, isn't it?


  1. Back in the early to mid 80's, while living in Southern California, I bought a "Country Living" magazine every month mainly to read a regular column written by a lady who lived in the country. She wrote about simple pleasures and daily things. She wrote so beautifully! Today, your blog reminded me of how fun it was to stop, sit down and enjoy that column. You write beautifully, too....almost the same style. Hey...You should submit your blog to magazines!

  2. Oh Kay,
    You can't imagine how lovely it was to read your kind words...we are all riddled with insecurity in today's world, and you made my day.
    I have been working on a novel..and I have walked away from it so many times. You give me courage to carry on..whether a blog or a book, kind words are a beacon of light in a dark tunnel.

  3. Hey Jessica,
    I got your comment. I'll be watching the mail! How FUN.
    Your vignettes are gorgeous! Your home looks so warm and inviting. I love what you did for your mother-in-law. I agree with Kay, you should further your blog. But then you have to keep up with all of it. Could be a curse.
    Your home makes me excited for Christmas.
    Hugs, Kelly

  4. You sure are up early! I am not sure how to further my blog, but would like to try...keeps me off the streets..ha! I don't know, I sort of feel like Erma Bombeck on Steriods..
    THanks for the compliments..I still have more to do...
    Watch the mail, and ignore the ugly packaging...
    hugs back atcha,

  5. Love all your vignettes & your Belsnickles. And cornstarch for snow. Great idea.

  6. Hey Kim,
    Thanks...I went to your blog, but am having all kinds of "technical difficulties" your Cloches...still trying to figure out how to link on to Marty's "party". I tried to leave a comment..sheesh...
    Perhaps another cup of coffee would help me..
    cornstarch is good, as is powdered sugar, sprinkled with clear, cookie crystals...shiny..oooh.

  7. I gotta feeling, that Santa will definitely be coming to your house. BEAUTIFUL and so FESTIVE!!!! My favourite has to be your old-world St. Nicholas Vignette.

    I have chosen a Reindeer theme this year, but am a little disappointed with my Family Room Mantel. I used Moss Matting for a base but it is a little too flat. (If you know what I mean.) It was so da*n messy to work with but I definitely don't want the illusion of snow, as we have enough of it outside. (Grin)

    Back to the drawing-table. -Brenda-

  8. Brenda,
    I am not sure what Moss Matting you are using, but I used to use moss, and it is messy. I found that misting it helped - in fact, I would wet it quite a bit, then squeeze the excess moisture out. Of course, I have a stone mantle, and I would certainly put some plastic under the moss if you mantle is wood.
    Try a tiny bit, and see if that helps. Also, "if it doesn't show, it doesn't count", so you might try putting something under the moss (plastic bags?) to give it some height.
    Good luck.

  9. My turn to thank you for the tipS. Using plastic bags under it, is an excellent tip. The type of Moss is recommended for the use of 'landscape grass'. LOL I had it from one end of my work table to the other, then tracked it thruout the house. NEVER again and lesson learned. -Brenda-