Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, That's Done...

Miss Gussie Plushbottem says "goodmorning, sunshine"....Even though I took that Friday, when there actually was sunshine... I would love to say yesterday's Market Day on the Square was a smashing success, but I barely made my did most of the people around me. There were fewer people than expected, and although they praised my work, they weren't buying...and they say the recession hasn't affected Texas..I did sell some hand-painted cake plates, a few carafes, and one pair of shoe sachets (everyone said, "what a great idea" - and I am sure, are making them themselves)...I also sold a cherry cup and saucer...that's it. Being the ever cock-eyed optimist (I can look at a barn full of horse poop and just be sure there's a pony in there somewhere)..I spoke with a woman, who was selling bottles of cinnamon syrup (while being swarmed by bees - then, they came over and landed on the shoe sachets, looking for the lavender), anyway..the woman said she was from Wimberly, Texas, where on the first weekend of the month, they have a huge Market Days, with 1200 to 5,000, my builder and I will do that one, but then that's it.

I did hand out lots of my design business cards, and there are a few, who want window treatments, or floorcloths, but it was a disappointment. I didn't even really do it for the money, but rather, I need a reason to get up in the morning...and I have to have busy hands, or I get in trouble. So, these busy hands will get busy decorating my house for the holidays..(no, I don't do the exterior like a "Chevy Chase Home for the Holidays", but I do wrap my trees in lights, and throw a few lit, wire trees on the porch...a wreath, etc.

I've been threatening to finish my children's book I've been working on forever, and my husband wants me to finish my novel - (I doubt that will happen, but if I ever get my computer realigned, I will do the children's book for sure).

Going to unload my car now, and make a tablecloth for the guestroom bedside table....sheesh..


  1. Hey Jess,
    So your saying your gonna do that big show? It hasn't already past for this year yet? At least you sold something and gave out some cards. I wish it would have turned out better. I know you worked so hard. But you know, the ones that did buy, got something very special.

  2. Darlin',
    You always make me feel better..I am going to try to get into the big Wimberly show..may be a disaster, who knows, but if I don't, I definately am going to do Etsy or a to ge the computer bugs out first.
    I am like a Phoenix, always rising from the ashes..can't let the Philistines get me down (whatever the heck that means).
    How's the slipcover saga going..I don't envy you, wrestling all that fabric..well, maybe I do, as you do such a fabulous job.
    If I knew where to send them, I'd send you your very own shoe sachets..