Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Handpainting as Fast as I Can

Am I blue?? Yes, I am, more than you'll ever know, but that's another story...

As a photographer in another life, I know it's all about lighting, and today was a perfect lesson.
I have been hand-painting glass until my eyes are crossed, but I got a bit of a reprieve, as I found out the Market Days on the Square event is the second week in all confused..maybe I should get a calender?

Anyway, I took these shots in the front of my house, with a white canvas background, and a white tablecloth. The cool, blue reflection came from where? I mean, as a designer, I know it's all about reflective light (it's all about fact, "photography" comes from the Greek, "writing with light"..but I digress.
I placed a black piece of foamcore behind the glass, and that helped a bit. It does show the glass better. I found these little cake plates, that come in various heights, and fell in love with them (TJMaxx, but don't tell anyone...I want them)..

If I knew photoshop, or some other program, I could play with these, but since I'm rushing about today, painting glass, photographing it, making shoe sachets...(I need to focus)...I just wanted to get these out there today.

Here's the amazing part; earlier in the day, I took these shots on my back porch, in bright sunlight, but with dappled light, as we have low-hanging branches from our Live Oak trees.
Same white canvas backdrop, same table cloth....such a differenc...Now that it's later in the year, the sun doesn't hit our porch as low as it did, or something, because I was able to take shots out there without problems...
I love this cakeplate, which is standard size....I use Pebeo Paints, let them dry twenty-four hours, and then, bake them in the oven - follow the directions on the bottle.

Here's close up of what I call "Goat's Beard", but not really, I just like the is a plant..really.

This is my "Yellow Rose of Texas" Pitcher....Now, I'm off to finish my "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries" series...My Czech friend, Vash used to say, "Life ain't no bucket of peaches"...whatever.


  1. Jessica~ Beautiful! Of course. You're too good woman. I especially love the Goat's Beard. That one caught my eye right away. You know, the pictures you took outside look like magazine pics. Or a catalog. So pretty.

  2. You always make me feel wonderful..thanks, I really needed that today.
    I love the Goat's Beard, and will do a few more tonight.
    I am also working on a series of bowls, coffee cups, and some more wine glasses.
    I used to do catalog shoots (as a stylist), and there are all the "slaves" "skrims" "reflectors", etc....I have a piece of foam core and a white canvas..I do what I can with what I have.

  3. Hiya! I love your way with words and your way with a paint brush! What skills you have; I know I'll learn bunches from you! So happy I happened upon your blog from Much to Do!

    PS: I've learned something already; I'd never seen a shoe sachet before! Very clever idea!

  4. Thanks, Brakes & Gas...I went to your site and signed on, even tried to leave a comment about your Old Navy post, but it blocked me...don't know why I can comment on some, and not on others.
    Shoe Sachets are my friend...Of course, I have about forty pairs of shoes, but most of them are sandals..this is Texas, darlin', and we ladies always have pedicures, and mostly wear sandals even in November...
    Glad to have you aboard.
    (cute baby)..

  5. Thank you so much for your kind compliments about my guest room curtains. It means so much coming from such a talented girl!
    Those little pedestal cake plates all painted are so lovely.
    Enjoyed the photography/lighting lesson too.

  6. You have so many different talents! Your painted glass is gorgeous!