Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ho Ho very old and tired!

Well, here I am...back from the front....feeling about a hundred and twelve...
Day one seems like a year ago...rested up a bit the next day - went to the doctor and got a Cortizone shot in my wrist (hurt like hell - they have to give you a numby shot before they give you the big guy) it does help, but the doc says this is the last time, surgery. I told him that as a surgeon, they often feel like they have a hammer, and everything looks like a nail. He didn't laugh.

And off again to San Antonio, North Star....more trees, they just keep on coming...Notice my scathing wit is dulled to a drone? This is what happens when you get up at 4:30 every morning and drive over a hundred miles...climb up-and-down ladders, and make things pretty! When I was thirty,this was a piece of body keeps reminding me that I am now 61, and what the hell do I think I am doing?

I brought chicken for us to eat, and assured J that I didn't think I could blow a chicken out of my nose...just wanted to reassure him after the unfortunate root beer and cream explosion. J has turned out to be a very good worker, but he's the quietest person on the face of the earth. No complaints here...he's very nice, and is from Vermont - M asked him if everyone in Vermont was this quiet, and he answered "pretty much".
I am not going to show you every single tree we did, as we did 13 at one location and 14 at the other...lot's of repitition...but, will show some of the "varity", along with some of the "stunners", and some of the "not so much".

We spent the night at a LaQuinta (J in his room - I in mine) M lives in San Antonio, so she met us the next morning, to drive the 137 miles to Corpus Christi.
The rooms were booked in advance, but the moron at the desk insisted that I pay for them...I insisted that my employer already did...this battle went on for awhile. Long story short, called the employer, and he was supposed to take care of it.
I went to my room, at my take out mexican food with my fingers (too tired to find utensils)...drank a glass of wine (I brought my own), poured the rest of the bottle out (didn't want an open bottle in the car - what a waste), dragged the refridgerator (in a cabinet) away from the wall and unplugged it - it sounded like there was someone in there with a jack hammer), and fell into a deep coma.

Four-thirty wake up call - go down to check out- have battle with new moron at the desk, who insisted I had to pay for the room...screamed (well, quietly) that this was unacceptible (got the room comped)...he just wanted me to go away.

We got to Corpus Christi, and faced off the fourteen trees....

Now, this first tree is a Martha Stewart tree, called "Lily Pond"...really quite pretty...(of course, this is on an island, so I suppose it counts as a Christmas tree)...I actually love the ornaments.
Click on the photo to see it in more detail.

"Swell Noel" arch from takes forever, and we worked for hours on it...then, we were finally informed that it can count as two trees ...much happier.

Golden Santa....M did this one...I fell in love with some of the glass ornaments.

A bit of confusion here: is this the "Jeweled Angel" tree angel, or is she the "Russian Angel"? Noone to ask..the stock is put out, and then everyone who works there disappears. They don't want to be around as people come by, and shout at us that "it's September, for God's sake"..this is too soon! Lot's of those comments...but then, some just oooohed and awed....
Russian Tree?????? Looks so much better with lights.

"Deck the Halls"...peace, love, psychidelic, and far out!

"Teen Diva"............nuf said
J did the Ballerina's spectacular, but reminds me of a Las Vegas showgirl.....

Closeup of the "Arctic Explorer" tree...I do love this one...polar bears, snowy owls, all those endangered species trees...

I did this "Arctic Explorer" tree....I must say, the cuddly animals were, well, cuddly...and I had fun with this one....
We finished around 6 pm, and headed back to Austin...where J lives, and I had another 45 miles to go after that. J offered to drive, and I was pleased to have a break...however, the rear window on my car decided it didn't want to go back up after J accidentally lowered it...This happened last year to the other window, and it cost $400 to fix...sheesh!
We take off, and the window is driving us's hot...and the noise! So, we pull into a service station, and J tries to fix it...Then, I remember that Aunt Lily (this was her Buick, which she so kindly gave to us when she couldn't drive anymore - poor Lily has Alzhiemer's)...anyway, Aunt Lily ran four corporations in NYC in the fifties, and was always ready for anything...which is why there was a box in the truck with: A can opener, flares, a hammer, water, first aid kit, and YES, duct, we taped that baby closed and continued home.
Thinking we were seconds away from a clean get away by the time we reached Austin...not so...road construction...traffic jam...nothing to eat, screaming headache, feeling rotten..sat for hours.
Finally, dropped J at his house, and limped on home...ate a piece of cheese, drank a glass of wine, and fell into bed...a 22 hour day...just horrible.
So glad I scheduled in three-day weekends..that's about how long it's going to take for me to recover - for Monday, and the next salvo...
I so love everyone's comments and encouragement.
I do want to go to the other blogs I follow, but first, I suppose I should get out of my robe, take a shower, go to the grocery store, and then,...maybe a nap?


  1. They are all so pretty!
    I get tired decorating my two trees. I can't imagine doing so many. But you sure do it beautifully!!!Rhonda

  2. My Goodness... the trees are turning out fabulous! It scares me that Christmas is practically here... uugghhhh... I am never ready.

    I hope your wrist feels better.

    Donna Marie

  3. Thanks, Donna Marie,
    Christmas isn't really practically here...we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving..retailers just "jump the gun"

  4. Jessica,
    I just got back from an anniversary weedend and I see your new post. The trees are SO pretty. Again, I clicked on every one for the close up.
    At first my favorites were the beach ornaments, but then I saw the Arctic tree...all of those animals. Precious. I may go to Macey's and find some of those ornaments. You sound exhausted. I hope you ARE resting enough.
    Talk to you soon,