Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Forever Yours"...My Friend's Pet Portrait Business

My dear friend, DJ Prince (I refer to her as Doris Jean), is a wonderful artist, who is in Atlanta, and starting up a pet portrait business.

"Forever Yours", pet portraits by DJ Prince - She does graphite, pastels, and oils, but I love her pastels...I mean, if you want the best pet portrait to cherish forever, she's your girl, and I recommended that she stick with pastels and oils...whatever..she's wonderful.

I love the personality she captured in "Little Bear"...just look at those eyes!

You can contact her at ....I would do it soon, as she's going to be very busy as soon as she is "discovered".


  1. So cute! She's GOOD! You should add her address and a pic to your blog. It should come up as a pic on the right of your blog.
    Here are the steps...
    Go to "customize" (in the upper corner with dashboard) "add and arrange page elements" will show up.
    This is sort of a skeleton of your blog set-up.
    Look for the little boxes "add a gadget" on the right. You can keep adding as many as you want.
    You can click and drag them to the right side if your's is showing up at the bottom.
    Just click that gadget box, and it shows the directions to download a pic, and put in a web link. Just copy and paste her link to her pic and then save it.
    That's it! You can also add the link to the store you have your art in. Then start passing out your cards with your blog info on it.
    I know you're busy now, but when you have time.
    Come by if you have any questions.

  2. Oh shoot! I forgot a step. After you click gadget... you have to scroll down through "BASICS" and pic "picture". Then go from there. But if you want... read all of the different things you can do and add.

  3. WOW! So cute! Your friend is talented!

  4. Good Morning Jessica,

    I hope you are having a nice weekend. :) Those animal sketches are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Donna Marie