Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deer, Scorpions, and My Bathroom

What do these three things have in common, you ask; well, you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway...They are all very "Texan", at least they are to me.
This morning, just as dawn was breaking, Miss Gussie jumped up on my bed, and I noticed she was staring intently over the edge at the floor below....then, I noticed she seemed to be "tracking"...I turned on the light, peered over the edge, and there it was...a nasty scorpion...Now, I have been known to catch and release harmless insects - but scorpions, not so fact, I pound them over-and-over, just to make sure they are dead. We spray for them, but they still keep coming....hate them.. Gussie finds them, but she makes sure she doesn't get too girl. Since I was wide awake and alert after the scorpion attack, I began the day the way I always do - put water out for the deer, feed them a bit of corn (I know, I am not supposed to, as they say it will stop them from foraging, but everything has dried up...besides, a handful of corn a day isn't going to change much for's their treat).., put water and food out for the birds, and water our plants. We haven't had rain for weeks, and triple-digit temperatures are brutal on the flora and fauna...which brings me to the photo below. Two, new of which was trailing "Mama", across our property. Click on the photo to enlarge it, and see how sweet they are!
When I first saw our house, it wasn't finished....But, since I specialize in new construction, I could tell that it was well-built, and that, for a spec house, it had "custom home" in beautiful doors (not the horrible hollow-core doors we had at our last "spec house" in Wisconsin), lovely oiled-bronze fixtures in throughout the house, arches, granite counters...beautiful light fixtures...I was sold. Okay, I'm not wild about the glass block in the bathroom, but one can't have everything. Also, the tub and the vanity tops are "cultured marble", but that can be changed out with time and money.

The bathtub has been used only we prefer showers. Also, the placement of the jets just doesn't make sense. None at the back or at the feet, but just at the sides...not good...I find that I have to vacuum the tub, as it does collect dust...
I found the cross towel/robe hooks at good old "Hobby Lobby"...I much prefer them to towel bars, as there is one across from them, on the other side of the tub, and there are never enough places to hang damp towels. We never even touch the ones on the other side..just for looks...

I don't mind the glass block on the shower, as it lets in more light, but I wish it were a bit larger. I actually don't use the shower all that often, as I have taken over the guest bath as my domain. Having separate bathrooms has saved many a marriage.

Eventually, I want to change out the "cultured marble" vanity top...I would like soapstone or granite...

I do love the lighting over the tub....I also like to hang chandeliers over a tub, but code dictates it to be 10 feet over the water Texan's love stained concrete do I...other than an occasional divit here and there, they are great for hot climates..
We also have a ceiling fan in the master bath, and in every other room, other than the kitchen and dining room.. Even with air conditioning, the fans are on most of the time in this weather. Another wonderful touch is the way the mirror is "framed out"...I have every intention of one day, doing a faux finish on it, as we are both ready to start changing out the "builder's beige". My builder has become a friend, and he asked me what he should have done differently, and I didn't have many things to critisize, other than placing a window facing the bathroom creates a backlight, and it's difficult to see. I just open my closet door, and dry my hair that way...Oh yes, two, large cedar-lined walkin his-and-hers closets flank the tub.....
I have found there to be three, main styles of decor and architecture in Texas; Tuscan, Texan (such as my house), and ultra-contemporary....I love all three, but am drawn to the Texas-style..I didn't move to Texas to live the way I lived in Wisconsin, so I have to take the Scorpions along with the good stuff.

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