Monday, June 29, 2009

Survival Mode

Spent a good deal of the day dealing with a fate worse than death in Texas...the airconditioner unit broke down (again)...The house is only two years old, but for some reason, we have airconditioning "gremlins"...When it is 102 degrees, one feels very fortunate to have air conditioning.... I spent alot of time, begging to get the fellow out here to take a look at it...
Finally, he showed up, fixed the problem, and all is well...I feel so sorry for those less fortunate, who don't even have a fan. As a child, living on an Indian Reservation in Oklahoma, I remember vividly my grandmother, soaking burlap sacks in water, and tacking them up over the open windows, seeking relief.. I will never take for granted how blessed I am.

This is Raisen, on the porch in his chair...what you don't see is the ceiling fan...he knew what to do.

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