Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Was A Centerfold-a House Centerfold, That is...

I told my husband I always wanted to be a "centerfold", but I didn't think it would be as a house..."Madison Magazine" introduced it's new "Habitat" magazine insert by featuring a house I had done from the ground up.

Certain challenges presented themselves along the way; as in the clients were combining furnishings from their two, previous homes...one in Arizona, which was "Southwestern", and the other, a very traditional Tudor style. He was oriental, and their existing furniture from the Tudor was Asian-influenced. She (who has become one of my dearest friends) loves "whimsey", Country French, and they both love lots of color. So, I was presented with the dilema of designing an Oriental, Southwestern, Country French house. Winters are long and dreary in Wisconsin, and fireplaces are pretty much a necessity...Lot's of color, lots of light, a fire buring, and did I mention that Wisconsin has the highest level of brandy consumption in the Country?

I have written previously about personally glazing their 1,000 square-foot gathering room and dining room. I've since done alot of glazing and faux finishes, but will never tackle that kind of project again...that's why God made assistants.

The kitchen is/was my favorite room in the house. My client and I sewed the window treatments...she with her sewing machine on one end of the trestle table, and I was at the other end with mine...we had bloody mary's in between...very nice sweat shop indeed.

Okay, maybe the powder room is my favorite...again, I had to be hands on, and gold leafed the ceiling, door, niche, and trim. The little oriental guy in the niche stood guard over the black toilet. I usually don't like to put black toilets in bathrooms, but in this room, it was appropriate.
So, there you have it....my centerfold story...I miss my friend(s) in Wisconsin, but not the winters....when I said I was moving to Texas, everyone said, "It's going to be hot", and my reply always was, "You don't have to shovel hot".......Want to read the article? Click on the images to enlarge them...

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