Sunday, May 17, 2009

Man Plans and God Laughs

Well, here it is Sunday evening...we had planned on having guests...the menu to be grilled salmon, with a dill, parsley, lemon, garlic topping...Green beans, with garlic and olive oil infused with lemon.

Poor Sonia, the best artist in the world (really), called because she was suddenly taken ill. Living in Texas, and having the "Swine Flu" just on the other side of the border, we all decided it was best to postpone it. These are just a few of her paintings...yes, she painted a copy of the Caravaggio...she's the best portrait artist in the, if anyone is interested...let me know. I saw her work in a gallery, and found out she was going to be there, and I had to meet whomever could do such glorious work...get well, Sonia.

My husband and I are going to have a great repast...There was a time that I would have been disappointed...even called some other friends (good enough friends to call in at the last moment), and found out Randy can't be in the same room with salmon...(I'm that way with Curry).

So, roll with the punchs, go with the flow...yum

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