Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to work Tuesday

The Vineyard of Florence....Texas, that is....

Other than it rained, somehow, it didn't seem like Memorial Day Weekend...Usually, it is later...My birthday, and my husband's birthday are four days apart, and mostly fall on that weekend...so, everything seemed a bit "off". Still, it was heartwrenching, watching the news, and seeing so many of those mourning the loss of their loved ones.

We did take a lovely drive yesterday....Texas is so huge, and although we've been to most of the big cities, we are still exploring the vast country around us...alot of it is Hill Country. This time, we ventured to The Vineyard in Florence....Texas, that is....There will be an Art Show on the 13th of June, and I have been creating as many paintings, floorcloths, and painted glass, as I can squeeze in.

Unfortunately, it was closed for the holiday, but we took a few side roads, and loved the scenery, the wildflowers, the longhorns........ In fact, I got up at 6:15, threw on my clothes, grabbed my camera, Wellies, and a bottle of water, and raced the sunrise, but alas...the sun did come up, but the day was too dark and gray. After all, with photography, it's all about the light..hence the Greek definition "light writing"....I got a few shots in, but will try again....
I've lived in Boston, been to New York (Manhatten) many times, and have been to Europe, but Texas has grabbed my heart somehow. It's only been three years, and it may wear off in time, but I do love it right now.

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