Monday, May 11, 2009

Argggggggggg! Flowers?

This morning, I spent an hour writing (what I thought to be) a scathingly brilliant post on flowers...fresh as opposed to silks and drieds. I added lots of yummy photos, and then, looked at the preview...not good. Photos in the wrong place...layout terrible...then, Microsoft flashed a message on my screen, saying it had made and error and had to close...everything disappeared...hence the Arggggggggg!

Bear with me, for some reason, it's not working properly, so have been spending some time (which I don't have right now) reading the "help", let's try this again???shall we?

The subject was flowers....Fresh, as opposed to silk arrangements. I used to do lots of silk and dried arrangements for myself and my clients. But, I have become enamoured with freshly cut flowers. I'm not saying you should throw out your silks (drieds, after a time, yes, throw them out after awhile, they get tired looking)...just to put them aside for awhile, and try fresh flowers.

When I lived in Wisconsin, even with a short growing season, I had a cutting garden...I feel sort of like Isaac Denison, who wrote "Out of Africa"..."Once, I had a farm in Africa"...Now, I live in Texas, and I have deer and rocks...

Now, I have a tiny, raised bed, surround by some of those rocks, in which I planted basil, chives, parsley, and sage...deer don't like herbs. I also have a pot of rosemary on the front porch.
Now, I pick up bunchs of fresh flowers at the supermarket, or at farmer's markets...If you give them the nutrients provided in the package that comes with it, a fresh cut, on the diagonal, with a paring knife, (don't use scissors, it crushes the stems, and they can't drink), and change that water every other day (you don't have to use the entire it for changes of water, or use a bit of sugar or seven up), your flowers can last up to ten days.

During the summer, local market has bunches of glads for less than four dollars!!! I love them...
I am sure there are florist shop owners out there, who are struggling, but in today's economy, I suggest you save the floral shop flowers for special occasions and to send as gifts..

Okay, I've tried putting my photos throughout the post, and they are all ending up at the top of the page...lot's to learn, but better than the first post...I have a lot of tutorial reading to do, don't I??? I am a better designer than computer, go buy a bunch of flowers, and have fresh flowers in your home every day of the week...enjoy without guilt...

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  1. So which of your deer family is that in the photo?